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COPD: Banish the stigma and see the light in 2015!

Yes, there is a certain stigma that comes with having COPD. 

Let me start by saying this.Smoking is bad, don't do it! (That will be the last time you hear me say that.)
How many times have you heard:Did you smoke when you were younger?
You keep getting sick because you smoke!
It's because you used to smoke!
You did this to yourself!
Without finding a true cause, we will never find a cure." ~April NormanIn ALL of the questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, I have participated in... SMOKING was the ONLY focus. What about those Alpha-1's? What about the 19 year old COPD patient that never smoked, or even lived in a smoking household? What about ALL of the other factors that COULD have been major contributors to damaged lungs? Allergens, work place pollution, public pollution... 

There are MANY other things I personally have had to deal with in my life that COULD have damaged my lungs.What about the fire? They were told to use gasoline to clean the garage floor... It works great…

UPDATED! Filing for Disability?

I thought I would write today about my experience with filing for Social Security Disability. It is not and easy task for many Americans. For some, the rare few, they are approved right away. Not in my case. After my being denied, I missed my appeal filing deadline because of illness and a friends death. Then, I had to reapply, get denied, appeal, denied again, appeal with an attorney and go to hearing.  So here is my experience with this so far, remember post this if you need to apply. 
First a little back story in case you haven't read my first few posts. After I realized I needed to quit working to focus on my health and achieved a clear and accurate diagnosis, I did just that. I accessed my savings, and knew I could live for about a year without a job. I had already been seeing a physician for 2 years about my getting bronchitis or pneumonia every 2 months. "It is because you smoke." That is all he ever said, then prescribed a Zpac and steroids. O…

Groceries... Easy now! UPDATED!

TIME TO GET GROCERIES!*Updated information in Schwans They are only allowed to accept LINK/SNAP/EBT for up too $150 per delivery. That is fine with me, they deliver every 2 weeks, but this time my order included some Christmas items and totalled $157. So I have to pay the difference in cash.

If you are anything like me, I buy the bulk of my groceries at one time. Always have. Maybe because I was a single mother with two young daughters that were too little to help? Maybe because I thought I was supermom. I used to loop several bags over each arm, and carry them all in at once. We are talking $200-$300 worth at a time. My arms would be bruised and sore afterwards. 

It usually looks something like this....  Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration.

Now, with COPD, it is really foolish for me to try that. I drive through the yard, back the trunk right up to the porch and take about 4 bags in at a time. I line them up neatly on the staircase… I still have to go up the stairs with them. Tha…