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Top 6 Foreign Films to watch when you are too sick to get out of bed

Top 6 Foreign Films to watch when you are too sick to get out of bed.I love foreign films! You know, the ones you have to read and watch at the same time? You should never watch a foreign film with voice over in your language, unless it is filmed in your language! LOL You lose the feelings, the drama, the intensity. Here are my 6 FAVORITE movies, ever. 
There is some sensitive subject matter discussed and shown in these films. So please be warned, they may be a trigger for some. 
The Scent of Green PapayaThis Vietnamese film follows a young servant girl named Mui into adulthood where she is now serving a handsome pianist whom she has admire for many years. This is a beautiful film, one I can watch over and over. 

Ma Vie en RoseThis amazing French language film follows the lovable Ludvic whose gender was chosen at birth to be male, as he professes his wishes to be a girl. His family humors his wishes, but this causes trouble for his parents. 

El OrfanatoThis beautiful Spanish film heartbre…

Dear YOU!

Dearest You,

I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for reading, commenting, sharing! It really means a lot to me that you read my posts, share my tweets. I hope that the content I put out is helpful to you, and if there is anything you would like me to cover just leave a comment for me! 

You are the reason I do this every day!

We need to be informed so that we can make educated decisions about our care, or the care of a loved one. 

As we spread information, we help patients learn about their illness. Not only are we helping others with COPD, but other chronic illnesses as well. We are keeping information fresh in medical professionals minds, raising awareness to the issues we as patients face. 

As some of you may know, my mission this year is to erase the stigma that comes with a COPD diagnosis. That stigma, is preventing much needed funding for research, and the research itself to be done. Don't get me wrong, there IS research being done and it is fascinating to watch the new…


Because I joined CureClick, as a Clinical Trial Ambassador, you will see posts like this from me occasionally. Not all will be COPD related. Many COPD patients, like myself, suffer from other illness as well. So, this is in effort to aid in bringing awareness to Clinical Trials, and support the many other illnesses my family has had to deal with. With support, participation, and sharing, we can help find new treatments, or even a CURE for some illnesses! As always, I thank you for your continued support!

NEW ASTHMA TREATMENT AVAILABLE IN CLINICAL TRIALIf you have Mild or Moderate Asthma and you're looking for new treatment options, this clinical trial may be right for you. This study is for patients who have mild or moderate asthma and are using a reliever inhaler. If approved, it is hoped that the study drug will improve your lung function and overall symptoms of asthma. More about the study: The study drug (Lebrikizumab ) is administered by Subcutaneous injection (SC).This trial is 2…

What is this IODINE that I keep posting about?

What is this IODINE that I keep posting about?
IODINE, is an amazing site and Chrome browser extension! 

Why am I writing about this?
I am always reading and posting new information about COPD research and information. This tool will help you, as it helps me, make the best of the research and information. 

When we can really understand what we are reading, we can better understand our disease, treatment options, medications, and better communicate with our doctors about our concerns. Education is POWER!

You install it to your Chrome browser and it will search for medical terminology or jargon, then highlight and translate it to simpler terms when you move your mouse over it! 

This makes reading medical information a breeze for those who have little or no medical background, or even those that have been out of service for many years. Like a refresher course!

This picture shows you what it will look like after being installed, and coming upon a page containing medical terms. You can see how it…

Is it COPD? Or something else?

Is it COPD? Or something else?
Every week I scour the internet and medical journals for new COPD related information. I came across this news article, by a small TV news Team. I thought it was important to get this information out globally. So I sent out a Tweet about it. 

I got several replies thanking me for the tweet! 

Apparently, this is something that medical professionals need to be more aware of when diagnosing and treating COPD patients or others with respiratory ailments. 

Open         Collapsing Collapsed
In a nutshell, the trachea and bronchi become weakened, flaccid, and collapse usually when one is breathing harder than normal, eating, crying or, you guessed it... Coughing. 

I have ALWAYS told my doctors that when I have an exacerbation, it feels like my throat is closing. I can't get air in or out. So this is something I will be having checked at my next appointment. 

If you too feel like this, it can't hurt to mention it to your doctor and ASK for testing! PUSH for te…

What is a Spoonie?

WHAT IS A SPOONIE???I used to look at people so differently. 

Especially, the people parked in the handicap parking spots. I didn't really see them.... Never really thought to much about them. When I did think of them, it was to help them load their van with the groceries they bought, or let them know the door in back was still open. But a part of me, was jealous that they got special treatment. Now... I look at them, HARD. That is now my special parking place! Then I look at myself... 

I don't look sick. 
Sure, I have gained weight due to my illness. But, there is nothing on the outside that screams I need this parking place. I have no wheelchair, no crutches, no service dog, I have all of my limbs. Now, I just look like I am too lazy to walk any further. 

I know. Some of you may know. We have a secret. 
Within our able looking bodies, hides a serious disability. One that takes our breath away, limits the amount of physical activity we can handle, one that is progressing a little …