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What is a Spoonie?


I used to look at people so differently. 

Especially, the people parked in the handicap parking spots. I didn't really see them.... Never really thought to much about them. When I did think of them, it was to help them load their van with the groceries they bought, or let them know the door in back was still open. But a part of me, was jealous that they got special treatment. Now... I look at them, HARD. That is now my special parking place! Then I look at myself... 

I don't look sick. 

Sure, I have gained weight due to my illness. But, there is nothing on the outside that screams I need this parking place. I have no wheelchair, no crutches, no service dog, I have all of my limbs. Now, I just look like I am too lazy to walk any further. 

I know. Some of you may know. We have a secret. 

Within our able looking bodies, hides a serious disability. One that takes our breath away, limits the amount of physical activity we can handle, one that is progressing a little more every day. One that is harder during certain types of weather. For me, it is the humidity, I can't breathe well at all. For others with COPD, it is the cold air that they can't handle. Making that prized parking spot all the more precious. 

We can still function, and should to the best of our ability. 

Walking through the weather that bothers us the most too far, means we may not be able to finish getting our groceries, or whatever we were shopping for. I have cut many shopping trips short due to this. I just didn't have the energy to get it all done and had to leave before I got everything.


One major change I have made, is ordering groceries and having them delivered! In my area, the only service option I have is Schwann's... (Read post here: groceries-easy-now) And I LOVE IT! I order bags of chicken breasts and veggies. All perfectly frozen and easy to portion out for myself and my 4 year old. All can be cooked stove-top or oven, or even microwaved. One thing I would love to have delivered is all of the gallons of milk we go through! I know there are other services in other areas that offer full service delivery. Take advantage of this! Your energy is better used for other things you enjoy doing.

Spoonies Unite!

Being a spoonie means I have a huge number of chronically ill friends online that understand me. 

Being a spoonie means I have 10 spoons each day, and I have to use them wisely. I try to save a spoon the day before I have more activity than usual. How many spoons does it take to get through the day?

1 - to get up and out of bed, dressed and walk to my desk
     where I begin taking my inhalers, and pills.
1 - to walk to the kitchen to get glasses of milk and fresh fruit      for breakfast. That way I don't have to cook.
1 - to review emails, and schedule tweets, gather info
     for a blog post. 
1 - to go to the bathroom, make lunch, and clean up.
1 - to home school my daughter
1 - to check Facebook, read with my daughter and do a little        cleaning
2 - making dinner, always a big one, save the rest for lunch        or even breakfast the next day, eat, and clean up.
1 - take a bath, play, read, or color with my little girl, and get 
     ready for bed, watch TV and get myself to bed.
1 - saving this one for tomorrow, I have to run errands.

If you haven't heard of The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino it is on here is the direct link to the story:

It explains how people with invisible illness live, manage their lives. I won't try to recreate that. By this time, I only have enough spoons to use the restroom and watch some TV before bed. 

Goodnight everyone!
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