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Medicine Bottles For Malawi

Medicine Bottles For Malawi
Landfills Do Not Need Medicine Bottles! Anyone on prescription medicines finds themselves a bit uncomfortable when throwing away so many empty medicine bottles. It is obvious our landfills do not need these plastic containers! There is enough trash going into the landfills already. Medicine Wrapped in Paper
While first world nations throw away perfectly good medicine bottles, medical pharmacies and hospital facilities in Malawi often find themselves with nothing except torn pieces of paper in which to wrap medicine for their patients. This is often seen in rural hospitals and villages where the poorest of the nation try to live and survive. You can help to change this. Please Remove the Labels
Save up a group of your containers when you have completed that portion of your prescription. Place them in boiling water until you are able to easily remove the labels, and the glue. Then box or bag them and send them to the Malawi Project for shipment to Malawi. Safe and…

Falling in Love with COPD

So, this isn't the first time I have fallen in love... But, is the last time I do. Or did. Except for my baby girl Tiny.

And no, there is no one new in my life.

It all started about 11 years ago when a couple I am friends of mine owned their car sales lot... I used to go in and hang out with my my friend and we would talk about the guy that worked with them, who flirted with me every time I came in. We talked about what an amazing worker he was, handsome... Oh my! Great with kids, great at everything he did. How he would be a great husband and father one day.

He kept dropping hints about where he would be on a Friday or Saturday night, but I didn't bite. For months.

I was afraid... 
Somehow I knew that if I gave in, I would get hurt so bad.

One night, he said he would be at the little bar by my house and that I should come in and have a drink with him... I called a friend to see if she would mind going in there with me and she agreed. I remember walking in…