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Pause, almost over?

Pause, almost over?
So, you have noticed my absence and missed me!I have been so busy with my father moving, getting ready to sell his old house (the one I still live in), and enjoying the weather (not really, my allergies are killing me), and teaching Tiny, that I haven't posted anything new in quite some time! Since he moved, we have realized that autopay on for the internet stopped when we all of the sudden had no internet! GASP!!! (dramatically puts back of hand to forehead and faints)
Hope for COPD is important to me, so I will be back full blast in September. After the internet outage, I came back online to several thousand emails which I promptly deleted versus trying to sift through all of them. I will be scheduling all tweets for September and October this month because I will be moving at the end of August or sometime in September,down to Missouri with my father, unless plans change. 
If you have emailed me and need to speak with me, or would like to work on a collaborative…