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So, What causes COPD?

COPD is a grossly misunderstood disease. Commonly thought to be an elderly gentleman's disease, a lifelong smoker... Someone who perhaps worked in a very polluted environment, like coal mining. This is simply not true. As the number of people diagnosed with COPD grows, more and more women are being diagnosed. Many people under 40, and nonsmokers. With increased awareness, and earlier detection, I believe we will see an increase in much younger people having COPD. 

This article serves to educate the public about the facts. The true causes of COPD. It is currently estimated that 210 million people worldwide have COPD.  SO, WHAT CAUSES COPD?COPD is an umbrella term used by medical professionals to describe a variety of illnesses that affect the lungs. Emphysema, asthma, and chronic bronchitis are a few of the most well known players under the COPD umbrella. 

Genetics - Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is the best known genetic cause of COPD. It is an inherited gene that affects the lungs…

How relationships may change when you are chronically ill.

How relationships MAY change when you are chronically ill. 
Finding out you are chronically ill, is challenging at best. But, there are other things you may find more hurtful. Please do not take this the wrong way. I want you to find a positive even in the event of a negative. 

Here is a (by no means comprehensive) list of things I have experienced since finding out I had stage III lung disease. They are in no particular order, but I feel they are important to talk about. Knowing what to expect, makes the disappointment hurt a little less. 

1. Your friends and family may doubt you.
Google "invisible illness", it is any disease or defect that is not visible to other people. Because you look healthy, or "normal" people may not believe you are really sick. They may be down right nasty about it. 

Now, there are ways to handle this. And, I am not here to tell you what is the correct way. Each person is different, and will need further explaining in different ways. I am very …

The cost of COPD in the USA

How much does it cost to have Severe COPD, severe arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic pain (unexplained), and illness associated anxiety?
For 2014-2015
Medications $11959.43

Dr. Visits $1620.18 (specialists and primary)

OTC medications, vitamins, and supplements $798.37

Travel to specialist $681.49 (gas, tolls, parking, and meals)

Grand total of $15059.47 NOT including oxygen concentrator or nebulizer rental. 

Thankfully most of that is covered for me.
Over 24 MILLION people in the US have COPD... 15 million don't even know it yet! As the numbers rise, the likelihood of YOU getting COPD rises... If you are short of breathe, get tested.

Don't work too hard or too much, breathe CLEAN air. Work for a better way to live, work, and breathe. 

Sadly, outdoor air pollution cannot be avoided. But with much effort by many, it might be reduced.