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The cost of COPD in the USA

How much does it cost to have Severe COPD, severe arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic pain (unexplained), and illness associated anxiety?

For 2014-2015

Medications $11959.43

Dr. Visits $1620.18 (specialists and primary)

OTC medications, vitamins, and supplements $798.37

Travel to specialist $681.49 (gas, tolls, parking, and meals)

Grand total of $15059.47

NOT including oxygen concentrator or nebulizer rental. 

Thankfully most of that is covered for me.

Over 24 MILLION people in the US have COPD... 15 million don't even know it yet! As the numbers rise, the likelihood of YOU getting COPD rises... If you are short of breathe, get tested.

Don't work too hard or too much, breathe CLEAN air. Work for a better way to live, work, and breathe. 

Sadly, outdoor air pollution cannot be avoided. But with much effort by many, it might be reduced.
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