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Is it COPD? Or something else?

Is it COPD? Or something else?

Every week I scour the internet and medical journals for new COPD related information. I came across this news article, by a small TV news Team. I thought it was important to get this information out globally. So I sent out a Tweet about it. 

I got several replies thanking me for the tweet! 

Apparently, this is something that medical professionals need to be more aware of when diagnosing and treating COPD patients or others with respiratory ailments. 

Open         Collapsing Collapsed

In a nutshell, the trachea and bronchi become weakened, flaccid, and collapse usually when one is breathing harder than normal, eating, crying or, you guessed it... Coughing. 

I have ALWAYS told my doctors that when I have an exacerbation, it feels like my throat is closing. I can't get air in or out. So this is something I will be having checked at my next appointment. 

If you too feel like this, it can't hurt to mention it to your doctor and ASK for testing! PUSH for testing if they brush off your concerns. It is okay to stand up to a doctor that is not listening to your concerns. Or change doctors, this is your health we are talking about. 

Here are some links to the articles so you can read directly from the sources. 

Here is the original story from WCVB Channel 5 Boston's News Leader, about a young woman named Jennifer Champy who was misdiagnosed for many years. 

Here are two more links related to the story:

(If you use Chrome, you may want to install the IODINE medical jargon translator to help you understand some of the terms used. It is FREE, follow this link then click the purple install button.)

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Please join the Facebook group HOPEforCOPD for more support! 
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