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Dear YOU!

Dearest You,

I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for reading, commenting, sharing! It really means a lot to me that you read my posts, share my tweets. I hope that the content I put out is helpful to you, and if there is anything you would like me to cover just leave a comment for me! 

You are the reason I do this every day!

We need to be informed so that we can make educated decisions about our care, or the care of a loved one. 

As we spread information, we help patients learn about their illness. Not only are we helping others with COPD, but other chronic illnesses as well. We are keeping information fresh in medical professionals minds, raising awareness to the issues we as patients face. 

As some of you may know, my mission this year is to erase the stigma that comes with a COPD diagnosis. That stigma, is preventing much needed funding for research, and the research itself to be done. Don't get me wrong, there IS research being done and it is fascinating to watch the new information come out. 

Some of the causes of COPD can be found in the link to a post from February here: So, What causes COPD?

And here is the link to the post from December 
about stigma: COPD: Banish the stigma and see the light in 2015!

April, is Stress Awareness Month. We all have stress at times, and as a healthy person, I never cared about anything. I never worried about anything, except my kids. But, in this new chapter as a COPD patient, I am stressed quite often.

You should see me at the park when my 5 year old gets too far away, PANIC sets in and I have never felt panic before. 

Even when I was trapped in a burning building, I didn't freak out. I remain calm. This girl is the first responder to accident scenes, I just don't lose control. 

Now, every little thing causes stress, anxiety, and I am freak out. Well, now that I am medicated for my "episodes" of frantic-ness, I have almost gotten back to my cool, calm, and controlled self. 

What I am getting at, is for the month of April, I will put out a post each week about stress, stress relief, tips, tricks...

There will also be a guest post, touching on a very important topic that many COPD patients face. I myself have been in this situation, and was SHAMED for it. Many of us will need this, and it is a great stress relief. Yes, I am keeping it a secret. 

I almost backed out of this guest post. But, I feel it is very important to share. It is something NO ONE should EVERY be ashamed of when you are fighting to LIVE. 

Please, understand that it is not up for debate. No one should ever have to choose death, because someone else shamed them.

This is HOPE for COPD. 

When you have HOPE, anything is possible.

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