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Top 6 Foreign Films to watch when you are too sick to get out of bed

Top 6 Foreign Films to watch when you are too sick to get out of bed.

I love foreign films! You know, the ones you have to read and watch at the same time? You should never watch a foreign film with voice over in your language, unless it is filmed in your language! LOL You lose the feelings, the drama, the intensity. Here are my 6 FAVORITE movies, ever. 

There is some sensitive subject matter discussed and shown in these films. So please be warned, they may be a trigger for some. 

The Scent of Green Papaya

This Vietnamese film follows a young servant girl named Mui into adulthood where she is now serving a handsome pianist whom she has admire for many years. This is a beautiful film, one I can watch over and over. 

Ma Vie en Rose

This amazing French language film follows the lovable Ludvic whose gender was chosen at birth to be male, as he professes his wishes to be a girl. His family humors his wishes, but this causes trouble for his parents. 

El Orfanato

This beautiful Spanish film heartbreaking. Enter the adorable Simon, an adopted child whose new parents bought the huge former orphanage where the mother lived as a child. Her wish is to provide disabled and chronically ill children a home. Simon begins to talk about his invisible friend Tomas. Enter, the creepy social worker, and watch as things unfold and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Turtles Can Fly

This Iranian film follows a group of Kurdish children who organize to clear the mine fields. "Satelite" is an brilliant child who aims to capitalize on un-detonated mines while helping keep communications open for the refugee camp. He and a girl named Agrin and other children struggle to survive, deal with the past and fight their own feelings.

A Taste of Cherry

This minimalist Iranian film about a man planning to end his own life had me enthralled. I had to see how this ended... 

I've Love You So long

This French film is about Juliette, a former physician who was just released from prison. She is staying with her sister and her sisters family. The sister knew nothing of the crime, or why her much older sister was in prison. Slowly, Juliette opens up about her crime, and integrates with the family she has barely known. 

I hope you get a chance to watch these awesome films at some point, without being sick! I think all are on Amazon, and a few have the full film on YouTube. 

If you have seen these, or watch them later... Please let me know how you liked them! Also, let me know what your favorites are by leaving a comment below.

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