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What is this IODINE that I keep posting about?

What is this IODINE that I keep posting about?

IODINE, is an amazing site and Chrome browser extension! 

Why am I writing about this?

I am always reading and posting new information about COPD research and information. This tool will help you, as it helps me, make the best of the research and information. 

When we can really understand what we are reading, we can better understand our disease, treatment options, medications, and better communicate with our doctors about our concerns. Education is POWER!

You install it to your Chrome browser and it will search for medical terminology or jargon, then highlight and translate it to simpler terms when you move your mouse over it! 

This makes reading medical information a breeze for those who have little or no medical background, or even those that have been out of service for many years. Like a refresher course!

This picture shows you what it will look like after being installed, and coming upon a page containing medical terms. You can see how it highlights in yellow, and as you mouse over, a text box pops up and defines that word making it easier to understand. 

But, it is so much more than just a translator of medical gibberish! The site itself is a wonderful tool you can use to review the medications you are taking. 

  • You can read what experiences others have had with medications you are on, and give your own review. 
  • Rate the medications you are using.
  • Find out the average costs of medications.
  • Compare the good and the bad of medications.
  • Compare alternative medications.
  • Learn about side effects, and more. 

I have used a common COPD medication for example. 

A snapshot of the Spiriva page for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see, the site offers a lot of useful information. This, and the ability to translate medical jargon, make IODINE a wonderful addition to your COPD tool kit. 

I have been using this site for several months. That comment about Spiriva being more complicated than your typical inhaler, but made me stop coughing unless I am actually sick with an infection... Came from yours truly. 

I just love this site, the extension, and want to share what I find that makes life a little easier with all of you. 

Here are the links to the browser extension and site, enjoy!

Chrome browser extension: 

IODINE the website:

And as always, thanks for reading! 


P.S. Don't forget to join the HOPEforCOPD group on FaceBook here: HOPEforCOPD
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