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My Health Update 10/23/2014

On Wednesday I tried to refill my prescriptions. The pharmacist called to tell me that all them were rejected by my insurance because, it EXPIRED! Now, since I had to quit working, I have had to depend on Medicaid to cover my medical expenses. Great, that is fine. But when I expire without notice? That is a huge problem. 

Calling the Department of Human Services is no easy task. It takes about 40 phone calls over the course of several days to finally get a hold of anyone. Of course, that person can't help you. So I explain ever so... Dramatically, that I will DIE without my medication and oxygen. Of course, my oxygen concentrator went out too! 

Still waiting to hear back from DHS. He did call back. But of course,  I missed his call and he left no message. I called 4 more times and got no answer. After spending all day on the phone, I took a nap! LOL

Have any of you had issues like this with your insurer? 

Let me know in the comments, or shoot me an email! 

I would love to know if anyone else has had to deal with anything this. 

Have a great day my friends!
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