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This is 40!

So this is 40!

I wish I was 17 again, no wait... Maybe 21. The past week has been tough. My Uncle lives a block over from me. I saw flashing red and blue, and an ambulance. So I picked up the phone and called my Aunt to ask if everyone was okay. Nope, they were taking my Uncle to the ER. No diagnosis yet.

So I took a little trip to Kentucky with a cousin. We get there and find out that another Uncle is in the ER, his pacemaker stopped working well. They sent him home and told him to go to the VA Hospital the next day. Then when we got home my father needed to go to the ER, turns out it was just a UTI, thankfully. Got home from that to find out my mothers cousins husband (LOL they were like sisters) is in the hospital, diagnosed with end stage liver cancer! WHAT???? That was the 5th, his birthday was the 8th, he passed away on the 9th.

Tomorrow my baby brother will be getting married. Then I have to clean an office (I actually pay someone else to clean it, but I do some dusting). Then I have that funeral, then court hearing for my disability case, and AHHH!

This is what happens when you turn 40, everyone starts getting sick, the older generation starts move on to where ever you believe they go when they die. And the younger generation keeps moving so fast you might have a heart attack trying to keep up with everything.

This, is 40. Your body starts to slow down, making it harder to keep up with your own life, let alone the lives of others. 100X harder if you suffer from a chronic illness. The energy just doesn't live in here anymore. Sort of thankful I can't work anymore. Although, I do miss the social interaction and my previous job was very personally rewarding. Of course, the little bit of money I made was nice too.

The next several days, I will be pumped up with Coca-Cola and Iced Coffee. Hopefully, my hearing goes well and I start collecting some $$$'s! Then, I am taking the winter off and hibernating!!!

This is just a "keeping it real" note on my life currently. OH how I wish things would slow down for a bit!

Thanks for reading friends! Breathe Easy!

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