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Welcome to the world Tiny Princess!
Sometime between late-December 2008 and January 2009 I got pregnant. The how, we all know that. Why? Well, I ended up with the most amazing little girl! So all of that really doesn't matter. She is the light of my life, what drives me, what makes me breathe, she is just precious.

Okay, so anyways... My mother was also going through some major medical issues at that time. I cannot begin to tell you how many trips to the ER, or how many times she was admitted to the hospital, or transferred back to the nursing home. If I got a phone call, I left work to be by my mothers side, unless that wasn't possible, then I went as soon as I got off. I was working full time, and then on the weekends my middle daughter and I went to concerts to see my friends band play. We helped promote and sell merchandise, and we loved it. My oldest had given birth to my first grandson and my second was a "wild" teen. Mom was working too much, she had too much freedom through the week. With their grandmother so ill, there was no one to looked after her while I was at work. Life was crazy at the time. I was busy. And, I was TIRED! Which is a normal thing for me to be when pregnant, but not this tired. 

After I found out I was for sure prego, we were told that my mother wouldn't make it much longer. Those phone calls got even more urgent. We got a call that "it was happening" and to hurry and get to the hospital. I left work, telling them I really wasn't sure when I would be back. They were so good to me during this time, and I was so grateful! We sat bedside for hours. Hours turned into days. Then it happened. Surrounded with the love of her family and dear friends.

I never told my mother I was pregnant. I didn't want to hurt her like that. She LOVED her grandchildren and they were very, very close. We lived with my parents a good portion of their childhood. When we moved, we tried to stay close to my parents home, twice we moved to different cities, and my mother would practically beg me to bring the girls to say the night on the weekend. So, I did. LOL

Well, just after we had the memorial service for my mother, I had the most horrible pain in my abdomen! I was only 8 weeks along, and I have had a miscarriage before at about 6 weeks. There was no way this pain was a miscarriage. I was writhing in pain, and knowing I was pregnant made me so afraid for my baby that I went straight to the ER. The Dr. told me he thought I had gallstones and needed to do a few tests to confirm. HE also asked if there was any chance of me being pregnant. YES I am pregnant. He came back and said I needed surgery... But, was right about being pregnant. The pain, I would have to bear throughout the pregnancy. I could have surgery after she was born. So for last 7 months of my pregnancy I was having trouble eating, or keeping down my prenatal vitamin. I drank lots of Muscle Milk and SlimFast for the nutrition. LOTS of it. And, slept every hour that I was not working. That is how completely drained I was. 

Me, at work. So close to delivering my baby my Halloween baby.
What does all of this have to do with COPD????

I'll tell you in my next blog post!. 

Look how small she was. A whole 5 pounds of her. 

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