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After I had my little princess, of course I had maternity leave, and a week of vacation, I was still so tired! Something wasn't right. I waited until she was 6 months old to have the gallbladder removed. Hoping it would help me regain all of the energy I had lost. It is amazing how cutting FOOD out of my diet helped prevent further attacks while I was pregnant. Even after the surgery, I was still so tired, it never went away! 

By now it is mid 2010 and I am making several Dr appts. Going in every 2-3 weeks to try to find out what is wrong with me. I mean, I know last year was rough. But, I am pretty tough. I don't crack under pressure. What I do is internalize stress. That stress exhibits in different ways, usually making me tired! After going to several appointments and getting nowhere, I decided to rethink how to handle this. The old Dr, did send me for a sleep study. Which came out okay. Sure, I have a touch of sleep apnea, but nothing that requires further treatment. By years end, I decided to change primary Dr.s and seriously consider quitting my job. 

How can I keep working and being a full time parent when I sleep nearly every minute that I am not at work? I had a teen at home and an infant! The teen was getting way too much unsupervised time, and the baby wasn't getting time with her momma like a baby needs. Yes, I am a single parent. Being so drained all the time, I am cheating my family, and cheating my coworkers. Which is not fair to anyone. I need to be at my best and at that point my best really sucked. 

Changing primary Dr.s was easy. I made an appt and saw the new one, and she decided not to change anything just yet. Fine, get to know me. LOL This is a pretty uneventful, and unremarkable year. Short post! Do you feel cheated? Okay, I will post 2 this week. I want to keep them separate so it is easy to see how long this all went on. 
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