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COPD Support Groups.


When I was first diagnosed I didn't know much about COPD. 

I knew it had to do with not breathing well. It was, in my opinion, a senior aged smoker thing. How could someone my age, some HEALTHY and ACTIVE, who only smoked a half a pack a day or less, HOW could I get this??? I was in my 30's! Thinking back, I had it in my twenties, and just didn't think anything of it. It was an occasional breathlessness.

As a kid, I was never an athletic girl. Always the last one picked in gym class. I didn't like playing in any sports, or anything physical. But, I did love walking for hours at the forest preserve, and was always there when the weather was good! HOURS, not minutes, of walking the trails. I would say hiking, but not quite.

So, I had COPD. Stage 3 at that point. But, what does it all mean? The woman who first diagnosed me accurately, told me something scary. 

"Getting sick just one time, might be your last." 

She was wonderful, honest, and so caring. I took her words to heart.

I joined support groups on Facebook. And,  learned as much as I could about my newly diagnosed disease by googling reputable sites. There is so much to learn! So many different experiences. So much misinformation.

I will not post specific online groups, they are out there. You just have to find them, join them, and decided which ones you want to take part in.

Today, I present to you some helpful links to help you learn more about COPD. These are traditional sites on Facebook, and included are a few transplant and alternative treatment sites. ALL of these have wonderful, caring people to talk with. They will guide you and encourage you every step of the way.

My personal group is here: HOPE for COPD on Facebook. Small, but growing, with some very experienced members.  

The groups that helped me the most! I thank you all so very much!


COPD Alternative's NZ

COPD Navigator

ORGAN Transplant Initiative (OTI)

Lung Transplantation: Taking Flight with New Life Support Group

The Transplant Community Outreach

Michael's Second Wind Transplant Journey

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