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My Top 8 favorite stress relievers

Stress Awareness Month #4

8 Items to relieve stress! 

While I love movies, music, and games to help relieve stress... Sometimes, I am just not in the mood for them. Exercise, breathing, and humor, are things that work well too. But, what are some other things you can do?

Well, here are MORE ideas on how you can reduce that terrible stress!

Here are some of my favorite items!

I am only suggesting one supplement, one I have used for many years. This B Complex can help provide energy, restful sleep, and is a immune system booster. Great for times of great stress, or as a general everyday supplement. 

Nature Made Stress Complex Tablets

My eldest daughter suffers from terrible anxiety and has found this first item to be something that really helps her. It is a great stress reliever too! And, I have to play with it when I visit her. LOVE this stuff!

Kinetic Sand

Because we have COPD, we must be careful of the air quality we are breathing into our fragile lungs. We can't do much about pollution until changes are made globally. But, small changes can be made in out own homes! That is the best place to start. Here are some great alternatives to everyday items, that will help relieve some stress. 

I LOVE scented candles! But, they are not practical for everyone. So, here are some alternatives. No scents, but the same feel of real candles in a way that does not fill the air with smoke. 

Check out this great site I found with LOTS of beautiful LED candles, some with timers and even some with remote control! 

LED candles

Ebooks to Read

Directing Herbert White James Franco

Art Saying NO Grace Respect ebook

Managing Stress Preventing Depression Mountain ebook

How Sleep Better - Charlie Wardle ebook

Things to Do (not environmentally friendly but helpful)

Print off a few sheets and COLOR! 

Secret Garden Inky Treasure Coloring

What are some of your favorite ways to de-stress? Share your ideas over at the Hope for COPD support group or on Twitter @HOPEforCOPD.

As always, thank you for reading! 

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