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Reduce stress with Breathing and Exercise!

#3 in the Stress Awareness Month Series

Breathing and Exercise

Breathing can pull you out of a rage, or stressful moment... It can help quell your pain, calm you when upset... Breathing is a very basic function, yet one we take for granted until the day we have trouble doing it. 

Yoga and Qi Gong can be very gentle, very effective forms of exercise. Do as much as you can... Time yourself, and every week, add another minute or two. Try your best to get in at least a full 30 minutes. Break it up as you please, 1 30 minutes session, 2 15 minutes sessions, 3 10 minutes sessions. Build up more time each week, but don't over do it! Try to not go over 60 minutes a day. 

Here are some videos that focus on breathing: 

 4 - 7 - 8 Breathing Technique

This one works very well! You are getting sleepy, sleeeepeeee.

Because we have COPD please exhale for as long as it takes to clear your lungs. Repeat steps 4 times... Don't do this one more than twice a day. This is GREAT for relieving stress and getting to sleep! IT WORKS! I feel like this is the secret weapon that I should be keeping, but today, I'll play nice and share it with all of you! 

Videos on gentle exercise:

Remember to stretch first! 

Gentle Chair Yoga

This is my personal favorite. Watch and listen while learning the moves. Then, turn on your favorite music and do your daily routine without voice. It is much harder than it looks.

Tai Chi for beginners

Low Impact Beginner Home Exercises (Burn Calories)

Full Stretches.

THIS is what it is all about! Just take several dance breaks everyday! Put on the feel good music and dance!

Thank you so much for reading! Please join us at HOPEforCOPD.

Share away my friends!

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