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Stress relief with games and humor!

#2 of the April Stress Awareness Month Series (games and humor)

Here are a few more ways to relive some of that stress!

I am a gamer, and find that games can help me become less stressed. Depending on your tastes and mood, there is a game out there for you. Whether it is online on your desktop or laptop, on your phone or tablet, or on a gaming system. You will never know until you try it. 

Today, I am only including online games for desktop or laptop. 

HUMOR!!! The best medicine! I am including a few videos to watch. Maybe not your taste in humor... But, you can find what you like on YouTube. That wonderful video service, with famous comedians, and even more YouTube personalities to keep you smiling. 


Here are some games to play right at your computer...
The Pig

If you have a gaming system, you most likely already have a good idea on what games you like, or what the kids are playing currently.

I am MissBliss on Steam, add me if you like ;) Also playing Destiny on PS3. Hey, I am a poor disabled single mother. LOL

If you haven't played, give it a try! Many games can be bought for a modest fee.

The very soothing games for systems: MezmerizeFlowerMy AquariumFrom Dust

Interesting article on violent video games:

And a few more on games and stress in general. 


There is nothing quite like laughing to lift your spirits and calm the storm. Watch anything that appeals to you. Here I have included a few of my favorites. 

Please forgive me in advance if you are easily offended by swearing or anything else. This is comedy. Not intended to be offensive at all. Life is too short, please enjoy. 

Rap Reiplinger - "Auntie Marialani's Cooking Show"

Anjelah Johnson

Jo Koy


More humor links:


As always, thanks for reading... Help spread the word! Share with everyone. LOL

Please join on Facebook at HOPEforCOPD

Thanks for being a part of this! 

~ April 
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