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Website Makeover Update

Website Makeover

As some of you might remember, Hope for COPD has a website. One that hasn't been used for several months. One that, I, the creator, have no idea how to beautifully create. LOL This is why it has not been promoted.

Some months ago, I started working with a great company and learning a lot from them. I was hoping to have them work on my website. But, then when it came time I was told they don't work on general sites like mine, and that the $20000.00 would most likely be out of my budget. Boy where they right!

So, I have come up with some new ideas, and been playing around with the site off and on since then. Hope for COPD went from being a small thing... A few hours a week spend reading COPD related research and articles and blogging and tweeting about them... To a full time job, with countless hours spend each week researching relevant content and scheduling tweets, interacting with my Twitter followers and Facebook group. And, I LOVE it!

I am so happy to be able, still, to do something meaningful and that I am passionate about.

The new site, once completed, will be the only link I send out in reference to my blogs. The site itself will contain the links to the blogs, and so much more. I have in the works, a general COPD information and resource page, and one for "health" that will be the link to my recipe blog and nutrition and exercise information and videos?

One thing I am excited about... That you might not be...

The addition of ads. 

Now, hold on. LOL

I am not putting them on every page. And they are RELEVANT ads. There will be a page called Favorite Things, and it will only show ads from merchants and specific items, that I put on there. Things like air purifiers, and furnace filters, clothing, food, anything else I love.

And yes, if you click on an ad and make a purchase, I will make a very modest amount of money. But, I have no other way of generating income while waiting for Social Security to make a decision. Which might be another year or so. UGH! It is a page that you never have to visit, unless you want too.

I hope you will stick with me through the many upcoming changes. If you would like to visit the incomplete site, please check it out at and let me know what you think, suggest changes or additions. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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