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Please support HOPE for COPD, I screwed up bad.,

I really hate doing this. Never wanted to have to do this. 

This is my first complete year of having a website. This past year has just been full of challenges for someone like myself who is unfamiliar with creating a website, and all that it entails as far as upkeep. The website includes links to the HOPE for COPD blog, links to other support sites, a page of useful links to products like face masks, oxygen tank covers, and other tools that help you function better and save energy. 

So, I am asking for your help to keep the website, and HOPE for COPD alive.

Take a look (opens a new window or just look at the pic below).


When renewal came, I chose to leave the site as it was, and only keep the pages I had created as they were for a while. Waiting to re-subscribe to the website builder, so that I could perfect articles, link collections to other sites and blogs, and more... I only paid for what I thought I needed. I really screwed up. I only own the domain, and need everything else. And have to rework everything I lost. 

Hope for COPD has grown from a small way for me to learn about my COPD and share that information with a few people... To sharing information with anywhere from 20000 in a slow week to over a MILLION in a good week. Many of these people are the very people that treat us, research our illness, and advocate for our care, as I do. 

While I have pondered going with a full on Non-Profit status by applying for it through the proper legal channels, I have so far decided against doing so. It requires much more than just filling out a few legal documents and getting a tax exemption. AND with that I might end up giving up HOPE for COPD to the board members I would have to have, should they decide they want to go another direction with HOPE for COPD. 

My costs are minimal every YEAR:

$210 boosted internet connection, reduced for personal use
$180 renewal of domain ownership, hosting, design, ect.
$200 ink, paper, envelopes, postage for print materials 
$120 Scheduling posts, messages, ect via HooteSuite
=$710 a year

Plus I take various classes which are for the most part free, but some cost as little as $20, and some as much as $500. 

All classes are focused on learning about social media, activism, advocacy, of course COPD, and anything else I might think would be useful to learn, to help YOU learn more about COPD.


I know that many of you are just like me, not able to work anymore, and have nearly zero income. I have been fighting with Social Security since 2012. My attorney assures me there was never a reason to deny my claim to begin with and promises we will take it to Federal Court if it is not approved this time. She thinks it is my age, I was only 38 at the time I was diagnosed. 

Not to mention, I am a single mother with a 6 year old at home. My time is best spent with her, we homeschool which is a great way for me to spend these last years with her. Not to mention, I am not sending her to school to bring an illness home to me, which knocks time off of my life with her.  

While I have had the wonderful opportunity to work for the last few years at my leisure for a brilliant graphic artist, he recently passed away. Earning only $200 a month is tough, but after his passing the new business owner decided to keep me on for half the time and half the pay. 

Luckily, my daugher and I have a secure place to live with my father, who I also care for as he needs. So, no worries ;) 

One amazing page I wanted to add from my friend Eden was comprehensive guide to COPD. I had been working on making my own guide something like this for the website. BUT Eden had it mastered, perfectly! I have shared it many times but wanted a direct link on my site. Here it is again, GREAT for everyone with COPD, The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your COPD Management Today and have your caregivers read it as well. 

Please, if you have benefitted from anything I have done though HOPE for COPD would you mind making a small donation?

This donation will be used strictly to get the site up and running again. I honestly don't expect much. But, should there be more donated than I actually need, I will re-donate that money to a COPD related charity or person in need through HelpHopeLive

Please email me below with the word DONATION in the subject line if you have any questions or would like to suggest a charity or person in need. Your donation goes directly into my personal Paypal account to be used strictly for HOPEforCOPD, and COPD related charities.

Thank you so very much! 

April L. Norman
Rockford, IL
Text or call 772-444-6738

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