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Another Update!

My lil Tiny last summer in Myrtle Beach.
So, things are kinda crazy in my life right now. Most of you know about the move, I still haven't made... Too many loose ends to tie up before I can do that. Had a friend that needed a place to stay, she stole from me, and has tried to cause trouble for me. Oh well... Won't be helping her again. This old house is FULL of stuff from my parents and I have to find a way to get rid of all of the things left here, get the yard in order, and all presentable. Thing is I have zero help. So, I have to hire help to take care of everything. Good help is hard to find. 

Also, some of you might remember my trip from hell last summer... Well, I am going again. Call me crazy, I know. Haha. Just can't let my father go alone. Hoping to get over this massive chest cold before we leave on Friday. Remember, if you have COPD, you want to take an expectorant, NOT a suppressant. An expectorant will help thin the mucus in your lungs and you will be better able to cough it out. A suppressant, stops your coughing. You want to cough. Obviously, if you have an event to attend and your coughing would be a distraction you might want to take some just for the short term, say one dose = 4 hours of not coughing? Then back to an expectorant. Of course, you should speak with your physician before taking my advice. It is what I have been told.

At some point in December, the website will be back. HOPEFULLY! Once I get completely moved, I will be getting a new computer, so I am debating whether I should just wait to make all of the new site art, or risk wasting time making it now and possibly losing it if it doesn't transfer well. Oh the other hand, I will be using satellite internet, so I am not sure how the speeds or outages will be. 

On the bright side, I FINALLY received a disability check! Small, but I feel more secure knowing I will have a normal monthly income! YAY! It has only taken almost 5 years! Get all your medical issues documented before filing, make sure you qualify. Get an attorney if you must. But keep fighting for it. 

I will be online only occasionally through December. But I am coming back! 
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